Born to Be Perfect

Some people imagine themselves to be lacking because they don’t have the designer clothes, the big house with a perfect fence, or the sports car or private jet they were conditioned to want.  Wanting material things is the highest-octane fuel that keeps the fire of low self-esteem burning.  If you fancy that you need fancy things to give yourself value, you will probably never have enough things and never value yourself.
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The antidote to this addictive poison is to focus on the God-given things that you had when you were born.  Whenever I think of how all of us come into this world as children, I am overwhelmed by the perfection of it all.  I was busy being busy when my son were born.  A little over twenty years ago, after the rules had changed and I had become more wordly, more mature and more certain of myself.

All you really have to do with your God-given self is work it, develop it, and improve on what you have.  Realize that you are important to the entire world; what happens to the world begins with you.